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Olivia S.

8k Fastpitch Client

Olivia recently committed to play for the 10u Rocky Mountain Thunder for the 2017-2018 season. She just came off a tremendous AYL season, playing a huge role in helping her team claim the championship.

Olivia came to me in June 2017, seeking a more hands on approach to her lessons and someone who would help her reach that next level.

After working one to two times a week for the last 5 months, Olivia has proven to me on numerous occasions just how big of a competitor she is, and how to buckle down and work hard, even at home! Her love for the sport and to learn inspires me to give her my all, and she has done remarkable at giving everything I throw at her, a try!

Olivia's First Game

Olivia in June 2016

Prior to taking lessons with Coach Michaela

Olivia in Fall 2017

Notice Olivia’s leg drive, turned shoulders and hips, and the overall new found confidence on her face.

olivia champ

2017 AYL Fall Champs!

Hard work, dedication, and determination pays off!

Client Highlight Video

Thank you to Olivia and her mom, Cindy, for sending in the video content.


Photo Credit of Coach Michaela Working with Olivia: Meg K Fink Photography

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