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Olivia S.

Former 8k Fastpitch Client

Olivia came to me in June 2017, seeking a more hands on approach to her lessons and someone who would help her reach that next level. I worked with her until my move from Colorado in 2020. Today, Olivia finished a very successful freshman season at Valor High School as their starting pitcher, and continues to make a big name for herself as a top pitcher in the state.

Olivia has an incredible work ethic, is an incredible competitor, and I knew after the first few times working with her that she was an athlete going places. She has earned every single one of her accolades and will continue to succeed because of her drive.

Client Highlight Video

Thank you to Olivia and her mom, Cindy, for sending in the video content.


Photo Credit of Coach Michaela Working with Olivia: Meg K Fink Photography

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