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Client Testimonials


After my daughter's first lesson, she declared Coach Michaela earned two million stars! She appreciated her hands-on approach as she demonstrated alongside her what she wanted her to do. My daughter said she was positive, fun, and gave her constructive feedback and an appropriate amount of "homework". Coach Michaela ended the session with her feeling successful! I appreciated the amount of time my daughter actively practiced pitching mechanics in the one-hour session. My daughter is excited for her next lesson!


Thank you for your work on her mechanics while at the same time prepping her confidence and attitude for higher level ball.  You still are a big role model in her life and an important factor in her young formative pitching years.

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Your coaching and lesson style is so much more than anyone we have ever gone to. Because of your work and interest in her, she works hard and does the at home work that you give her. You are investing in her so she too is investing in herself. 

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Amanda S.

Thank you for the last minute pitching advice for my tryout tonight! It helped so much, and the coach said that he would love to have me on his team!

Irene M.

Coach Michaela rocks! Michaela’s knowledge and experience as a pitcher shows every time she is working with my daughter. We love that Michaela is hands on. She is out on the dirt the whole lesson with my daughter showing her exactly what to do and how to move. She tweaks even the smallest of movements to ensure that my daughter has the proper pitching technique. Michaela also works with my daughter on speed drills and strength training. She uses a variety of tools and equipment for my daughter to work with at every lesson, which keeps things fun and new. My daughter looks forward to her lesson with Michaela and I leave every lesson impressed with the way Michaela teaches and interacts with my daughter. I definitely recommend Coach Michaela!

Anthony B.

My daughter picked up a softball for the first time in September of 2017. She is athletic and has a great attitude. I started taking her to Michaela at 8k Fastpitch for private pitching lessons. After 10 lessons the improvement is amazing. My daughter is now throwing much harder with great fundamental movements and better accuracy. She even made a comp team after just one fall season. Michaela is awesome! She loves the girls and gives them 110% of her attention at every lesson. She has drills methods and techniques that will improve your daughter’s game almost immediately. If you’re looking for an amazing coach and person to work with your daughter I give Michaela 5 STARS!!! 

Jeremy B.

Coach Michaela was great in showing my daughter what she should be doing with her pitching mechanics. She was very encouraging and broke down the mechanics so that my daughter picked up really quickly and would be able to practice it on her own between sessions.

Brittney S.

Coach Michaela was awesome! My 10yr old left her session feeling confident and knowledgeable about her new skills that she was taught by Coach Michaela. Michaela has a bright and fun personality, yet firm and easy to follow with her instructions. She responded within minutes to my request for a session and was very flexible when weather didn't permit. She finished her session with a quick review and it was clear our daughter took so much away in such a short amount of time. She truly used every second of our one hour session and our daughter walked away with confidence to attend her competitive softball tryouts. We look forward to another session very soon!

Rick S.

Coach Michaela is a fantastic softball coach and person. She works with my daughter one to two times per week, and my daughter always looks forward to working with her! Coach Michaela has helped my daughter with new skills, honing existing skills, and confidence. For beginners or advanced athletes, I would recommend Coach Michaela to anyone!

Gina D.

Coach Michaela is a fantastic coach. After just one batting lesson my daughter's technique and confidence improved significantly. Coach Michaela is a master technician when it comes to form, breaking down each movement and isolating what needs tweeked. I would fully recommend her and plan to continue our lessons to take my daughter to the next level!

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