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Reach for the Top

About Coach

Pitcher, 4-hole Hitter, Lefty Shortstop (Columbine HS), years of travel ball playing experience, coach, and mentor.
First Team All-American Pitcher|Utility Player (DII)
2023 FMU Hall of Fame Inductee

Michaela Wolf Lawson is a pitching and hitting instructor with years of playing and coaching experience located in Waxhaw, North Carolina. In between working and parenting, Michaela enjoys continuing to teach the sport to young athletes aspiring to not only successfully compete in the game of fastpitch softball, but to take valuable lessons learned along the way (ie. accountability, perseverancehard work, self-discipline) and apply them to everyday life. 

Michaela values the importance of not only teaching sound, injury preventing mechanics, but also talking about the metal mindset that top notch athletes need to practice in order to achieve long, healthy, successful, careers. Her keen eye for details and ability to pinpoint small but valuable adjustments allows her years of studying the game, to become beneficial to the athletes she works with.

With Coach Michaela you will find that she doesn’t just have girls mimic her movements, but instead is right there next to them demonstrating and mirroring what she is looking for from her athletes so that they continue to get better week after week. 

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