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8k Fastpitch is designed specifically for creating a space that allows girls to be themselves, to build not only their skills, but their confidence, and where goals are only limited by player's desire. 


Lessons will focus on key mechanics that will help overall performance, as well as long term injury prevention. Unique drills and specific tools will be tailored to the players age/skill level, meaning that 8k Fastpitch can prove to be a great fit for beginners, veterans, and everyone in between.


Pitchers: Please coordinate bringing a catcher to your lesson.


During this uncertain time with the COVID 19 outbreak, I will not be offering in-person lessons until further notice. 

I am offering my coaching expertise through memberships in the University, as well as offering Facetime/video lessons.


If you would like to take a peek inside the University before committing, please contact me!


8kUniversity is a great way to prove your daughter’s dedication and work ethic, both big indicators that I also would like to work with your daughter in person. ​​​​​