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8k Fastpitch is designed specifically for creating a space that allows girls to be themselves, to build not only their skills, but their confidence, and where goals are only limited by player's desire. 


Lessons will focus on key mechanics that will help overall performance, as well as long term injury prevention. Unique drills and specific tools will be tailored to the playerS age/skill level, meaning that 8k Fastpitch can prove to be a great fit for beginners, veterans, and everyone in between.

I am looking to work with girls who have a desire to raise their bar to meet or exceed competition, who already have a strong work ethic to build off of, and who are thirsty to learn more and get better.

I put my whole being into every lesson, mind included, to tailor and engage every player that walks through my door. In return, I demand full effort and attention back. Expect me to ask the questions your daughter may have never been asked before, expect me to hold her accountable for her actions, and expect for me to push her to work harder for longer. All in an effort to teach the life-long lessons this sport can offer, to get her closer to reaching her individual goals, and to reveal the goals she may not even know exist yet.

This is 8k Fastpitch. Buckle In.

Pitchers: Although not required, I do value the advantage of having a catcher for my pitching lessons. Especially for my older girls, there’s a true advantage to see pitch movement and receive feedback on speed and spin not just having my pitchers throw into a net or mat at the end of the tunnel. 

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