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8k University

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8k offers top-notch in person lessons for pitching, hitting, strength and conditioning, and now one of most comprehensive online coaching platforms available to fastpitch softball athletes.

Allow me prove to you, just as I have for hundreds of other athletes, why my keen eye for detail, my ability to explain and work with today’s youth, and my extensive knowledge about the game, will help your daughter reach her goals. 

I am currently not accepting new clients for in person lessons, but I am still accepting students in 8kUniversity


Video analysis works, and has proven play a vital role in helping players visually see the adjustments that need to be made in their mechanics and form. I will analyze and prescribe the necessary drills just as I would do in person, but you will also have access to see exactly how to do them at home...which if we’re being honest, and you are serious about getting better, you should be doing anyways!

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SE Aurora, CO, USA

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