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Hi! I'm Coach Michaela. I started playing softball when I was 6, probably not even really by my choice; that is, when my Uncle, who was also a lefty fastpitch softball pitcher, found out I was a lefty...from that age on, 'Uncle Mike' was my pitching coach, my Dad was my motivating, supportive catcher, and my Mom was my biggest, [loudest] fan.

Despite having an incredible support system throughout my career, I self admittingly was a difficult, stubborn, thick skulled player, with one heck of an attitude. My wrongful expection to be perfect at every at bat, every outing on the field, and every pitch, was my biggest demise, and regret. I said it; my regret. I am not always pround of the player and teammate that I was and look back on, and that is exactly why I spend so much time addressing and talking to my girls about different approaches to view yourself, your teammates, the game, and the way it relates to life.

I hung up my cleats when I was 22, and took a softball hiatus to start a family and discover what it's really like to become an adult (fyi adulting isn't all it's cracked up to be:) I started coaching on a whim, mostly after realizing I wasn't loving my career, and decided that I really wanted to help girls with a sport that I knew a lot about. Flashforward a couple of years, and I've come to realize I can teach so much more than how to mimic movements. I can help girls discover their true selves, I can help them stay on course to reach their goals, I can help girls realize their potential by helping them find the confidence no other coach bothered to give them.

This is what the forum is about. Put the softball skills aside for a moment, and dig into to what your head and your heart are telling and teaching you along your softball journey. It's never too late to change your legacy if you don't like the player you have already created, I'm here to help you with the tools to

get there quicker, instead of waiting years like I did.

Michaela Lawson

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