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Why Train?

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a good week and improving with your training. I know right now focus and drive is tough to maintain during the craziness we are all facing. Being home all day, no practices or games, no social interaction...all these things have made working out and training even tougher. I know right now you ask yourself "what's the point?" There are no practices, no games, no tournaments, so why even train or workout? Why even eat healthy? Why even work on the mental side of my game?

Well in a few months this will all be past us and life will get back to normal. Practices will resume, seasons will start, and there will be games more than ever. So now you have to ask yourself, "who do I want to be in a few months?" Do you want to be the player that is average like everyone else? Or do you want to be the player who spent this time improving and surpassing all of their opponents? A lot of athletes always say they would have been better if they had more free time, or if they had more chances to train, or if they had more resources available ot them. Well now is your chance.

Whether it is a workout, nutriton patterns, or ideas on how to be mentally tougher, feel free to reach out. We'd be glad to help in any way possible. I am always glad to have a chat or offer ideas on how to make sure you are the best athlete you can be when the season returns. You have 1,440 minutes to use today just like everyone else. So how will you spend it?

Carson Nance, MS, LPCA, CNC

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