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Laziness, or Poor Nutrition?

Have you ever complained about being tired right before practice or a game? What about times where you have no energy in the middle of practice? Or troubling focusing while in the middle of training? Here’s a common one: your parents asking you what was wrong out there because you looked like you didn’t have any energy, and you don’t have an explanation for them? These issues are much more common than you think, and they have a simple remedy: improving your overall nutrition.


When someone is allergic to a food they get really sick, puffy eyes, and can’t breathe, right? What I told told that low energy, trouble focusing, random instances of poor performance, and negative mindsets are also allergic reactions you could be having due to a food allergy you may not have recognized.  In my work with athletes I have found that what a player puts into their body on a consistent basis, as well as directly before a sport performance, directly affects how they can perform. 

Think about your energy levels as a campfire for a moment. If you build a fire with the right wood and constantly tend to it, then you can have it burn as long as you need it to. But, what if you stop feeding the fire fresh wood? Yep, it’s going to burn out. Oh what about the idea of just throwing a ton of wood on it at once? Nope, bad idea because that will smother the fire and it won’t get enough oxygen to burn, thus it’ll die out too. This same principle works with your bodies. If you go too long without feeding your body the right foods and nutrients it needs throughout the day then you won’t have any energy when you really need it. Same thing if you just eat one big meal right before training or just once a day, it will kill all of your energy levels. Proper nutrition can be a scary topic, and a really confusing one, but I’m here to show you it is a lot more manageable than you think in order to get the most you can out of your bodies. 

You are putting a lot of time in the batting cages, on the field, and on the mound…so make sure you are putting time into taking care of your nutrition as well.

Carson Nance, MS, LPCA, CNC

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