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Hydration Reminder!

We know it, and we hear it all the time…drink water!!

Most of you have the super cool Hyrdoflasks with the fancy stickers and carry that around with you, but this is just another reminder/person here to tell you the importance of staying well hydrated, especially right now.

The Weather is Warming Up

If you are practicing or exercising outside, then you probably noticed that it is starting to get warmer. Warmer weather means more sweating, which means you need to make sure to replenish what you are losing.

Here are some guidelines of just how much water you should be consuming every day:

Drinking Water Can Help Wash Away the Germs

Of course right now we have some things to fight once we get back to some normalcy, so I have been reading quite a bit that says staying well hydrated can help wash the germs down into the gut instead of infesting in your mouth/throat/sinuses.

In fact, one recent study found that staying hydrated may boost a particular immune response to enable your body to better fight the viruses.

So if you are one that seems to always pick up all the crud, that gets sick often, try to up your daily water intake.

Water is Also A Great Hunger Fighter

Listen, if you are hungry eat. Do not replace meals with water. I’ll say it again just make sure I am being clear…I am not telling you to not eat if you are hungry. If you are hungry, eat food.

But sometimes hunger can be mistaken for thirst, or sometime simply drinking more water to start off your day, or right before a meal, can decrease how many calories you need to take in to feel full.

So if you are watching your weight, or would like to tone up a little more, consider drinking more water. Water, not sodas or juices.

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