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Everyday Hero in the Eyes of an 11 year Old

The date on this young, but talented player’s journal entry was right after a pitching lesson that in my opinion, was where I finally felt like after almost a year of working with her, she had let down her walls and we had a pretty deep, engaging, back and forth conversation. We discussed her goals, where she saw her softball career going, and what it is about pitching and playing the sport in general that keeps her coming back and working so hard.

This player is a determined, self-starter, and an absolute spit-fire cooped up in a small but powerful body. She, like so many at her age, struggled with the transition to the 12” ball and the 40 ft pitching distance. But I’ll be darned if that leap hasn’t got her coming in wanting to be shown even more on how to get stronger and to keep up with her competition.

This player also has an older sibling who plays, is talented, and has some big time goals in mind for her career. When I asked this player if she had goals as big as her older sister, she told me she didn’t want to be a ‘copycat’ of her sister, that pursuing playing in HS and college or beyond, would be copying her and following in her footsteps.

I told her I thought of her when I was at a group meeting where we were discussing a book called Present, Not Perfect. The author describes a situation with a friend where she and many other friends had recognized that the friend was a very talented artist who had produced many beautiful pieces that should have been recognized or even sold.

When the author approached the friend and asked her why she hadn’t pursued her talent, the friend said, that’s my sister’s thing, that’s what she is known for, I can’t do the same things as her.

The author’s response; write your own script.

You are in charge of your destiny. If someone slides your script across the table and you don’t like what it says, rewrite it and slide it back. Do not accept others perceptions of you especially if it’s not in the light that you want it to be in.

Your goals are your own, pursue them relentlessly, selfishly, and with the concept that your desire is the only hurdle holding you back.

What an honor to be this player’s “Everyday Hero”.

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