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Practice Plan For the Week of 3/16

I realize these times are hard especially when you have no idea when you will be returning to the field for games, but we still have to prepare and maintain all the you have built and worked on over the months. Consider these workouts as your weekly lesson. Allot the time you would have to set aside to come to see me and do this workout with purposeful reps.


If you are unsure what to do in the drill, or if you are doing it right, ASK! 

Below are Practice Plan Examples

Each are meant to take no longer than 30 minutes and are just suggestions of what a workout on your own can look like.  If you have any questions about how to do the drill or if you are unsure if you are doing it right, please reach out or send in video!

Pitching Circuit Workout Example
Beginner/Intermediate Pitcher Workout & Focuses Example
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