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Have You Heard?

Happy Signing Day!

I never had a signing day. 
I never signed the document saying that I was going to be a Bruin. My commitment was over the phone late December of my senior year. I will never forget the moment when Coach I called my house and said two simple words..."Hey Bruin!" No pen, no document, no signing party...just word of mouth. I never had an official visit, I never took the picture on the football field, I never had a host. My unofficial was the bells and whistles, and just being on that campus was magical enough for me.

Softball Strong

Why you should be doing more... 

The video below is of some of my amazing players that I work with. These teams and girls are incredible and incredible to work with. I’d say they give me 75-95% most of the time. 
That percentage may seem a little low to you and if I’m receiving the low end of 75% on a given day it is low. Here’s why; 

Pitch Counts in Softball?

Is it safe for one player to pitch every game? Should there be a limit on pitching — as there is in prep baseball — in prep softball? And is a culture change necessary in a sport where the idea persists that pitchers, unlike their baseball counterparts, can throw as much as they want without suffering an injury?
Answers depend on whom you ask.

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