Reach for the Top

About Coach

Pitcher, 4-hole Hitter, Lefty Shortstop (Columbine HS), years of travel ball playing experience, coach, and mentor.

First Team All-American Pitcher|Utility Player (DII)

Michaela Wolf Lawson is the owner and founder of 8kFastpitch, an all-encompassing coaching business that is revolutionizing the world of private lessons. Coach Michaela takes pride in getting to know who her girls are as people—realizing that today’s youth need more role models and coaches in their lives that understand how to connect, motivate, and mentor girls through their tough adolescent years.


With Coach Michaela you will get a coach that is passionate and driven. A coach that still gets excited over the little things, like when a player feels a powerful swing for the first time in her life, or sees her pitch move for the first time. You will find a coach who has some undeniable and valuable knowledge coupled with plenty of experience. She doesn’t just have girls mimic her movements, but instead gives girls the keys to empower themselves, and master the art of having the reins over the mental side of the game. 


Coach Michaela is the product of a player who experienced many different kinds of coaches throughout her career, coaches that taught her what it is she wants to embody, and what she would make sure no other person would be made to feel like. She had a rocky and unconventional recruitment road to college, but found success and happiness at the DII level, which proved to be the perfect balance between continuing her love for the sport, and achieving her degree.