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Quality Fastpitch Softball Coaching From Any Distance

Raise Your Bar.

Because Ive Raised Mine.

Come Train With Me!

Since I cannot add more hours to the day and days to the week, I have created 8kUniversity as a way to funnel my continuously full schedule, to demand more accountability from my clients by mapping out a productive path to getting better, and to provide a remote but effective way to get in the necessary work and be coached through making those key adjustments.

8k University is the first female ran, all encompassing online softball coaching platform. Multiple areas of play, no one-trick ponies here!


The University houses hundreds of fastpitch softball drill videos, tools for video submission and analysis, personalized pitching, hitting, and conditioning practice plans, connection with peers, and access to one of the best coaches in the state. 


Video analysis works, and has proven to play a vital role in helping players visually see the adjustments that need to be made in their mechanics and form. I will analyze and prescribe the necessary drills just as I would do in person, but you will also have the advantage of having access to see exactly how to do them at home…which if you are serious about getting better, you should be doing anyways!

Try it Out First: Reach out To Take A PeEk Inside

Allow me prove to you that I can help!

Take a look around the University, and even send in video of your daughter hitting or pitching, and I will give you my analysis of adjustments, tell you which drill videos to watch and work, along with an idea of what her personalized practice plan will look like!

Video Analysis

Send in video that I can review, provide feedback, markup, and come up with a plan to help you elevate your game.

Instructional Videos

Drill videos that are organized based on type and skill level. If it’s not in there, I will add it!

Customized Practice Plans

Need more strength and conditioning work for better stamina? Need a plan that addresses your specific needs? Everything in 8k University is customizable.


 Utilize all means of communication to leverage 8k University to its full potential. Im here basically whenever itconvenient for you.

"Success is only limited by your desire"...but what if I could make that desire so accessible and thorough, failure would be difficult?